Sewage Control Program

The Logan County Department of Public Health (LCDPH), through an Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Local Health Protection Grant, provides citizens of Logan County with a comprehensive sewage permitting and inspection program to help assure safe domestic wastewater disposal of private, onsite sewage systems. The LCDPH jurisdiction covers building structures, such as dwellings and businesses, which are not considered accessible to or are greater than 300 feet from a public sewer connection. Public sewers serving building structures in Logan County are regulated by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Local Private On-Site Sewage Disposal System Regulations 

The Logan County Private Sewage Ordinance is enforced under the authority of the LCDPH in accordance with the provisions in the Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Act and Code. For local and state regulations for permitting and constructing private onsite wastewater systems in Logan County, you can refer to the Logan County Private Sewage Ordinance and the Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 905).

Annual Contractor Registration & Licensure

Per Section I of the Logan County Sewage Ordinance, all sewage installation and pumping contractors must register annually with the LCDPH Division of Environmental Health. Sewage installation permits will not be granted to contractors who have not registered. There is no fee for registering. The process includes completing the Application for Logan County Private Sewage Disposal System Installation Contractor/Pumping Contractor Registration Certificate form. Upon completion, the form is to be submitted to the LCDPH along with a copy of the contractor's current Illinois license.   

To verify if a sewage contractor's State of Illinois license is currently active or valid, you can visit Please report any individuals or contractors to the LCDPH Division of Environmental Health who install a septic system in Logan County without a valid Illinois sewage installation contractor license or Logan County sewage construction permit by calling 217-735-2317.

Construction Permit Application Process & Installation

It is unlawful for anyone in Logan County to install a private onsite sewage disposal system without a valid permit issued by the LCDPH. To apply for a sewage installation permit, a completed Sewage Permit Plan Review Application including a soil analysis report from an Illinois Certified Professional Soil Classifier must be submitted to the LCDPH Division of Environmental health for initial review. The fee to apply for a sewage permit is $200.00. For a listing of Illinois Certified Professional Soil Classifiers, visit

Only Illinois licensed private sewage disposal installation contractors or property owners installing their own systems are eligible to apply for a permit and perform the construction. At the time of septic system installation, a regulatory compliance inspection will be conducted by the LCDPH Division of Environmental Health prior to backfilling the system. Please refer to the Logan County Sewage Ordinance and Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code for regulations. 

Routine Maintenance Requirements

Section 905.20 (q) of the Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code requires that onsite sewage disposal systems installed and permitted after January 1, 2014, under Section 905.190, be routinely maintained/serviced in accordance with the requirements and frequency specifications cited in the code to ensure proper operation. It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain all records and the records shall be transferred from owner to owner. In addition, the records shall be kept for the life of the system. To assist property owners with record keeping and for convenience, construction-specific printable maintenance checklists are available below in the "forms" section on this page in addition to a septic maintenance record form. The maintenance record form serves a valuable purpose for assisting owners to accurately document the maintenance history of their private onsite wastewater system.

EPA Permit Requirement/Surface Discharging Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems

Effective February 10, 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that any new or replacement onsite system constructed that will surface discharge to federally protected waters in Illinois be first granted an EPA National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit prior to submittal to the local health department (LCDPH) for plan review approval. For EPA-NPDES requirements, visit     

Report a Complaint

If you have a complaint regarding a malfunctioning private onsite sewage disposal system which may be causing a public health hazard, you can contact the LCDPH Division of Environmental Health for assistance. If a problem condition originates in an area served by a public sewer and you would like to report the incident, you can contact the appropriate local village or municipal public sewage provider for assistance.

Contact Us

If you have questions or would like to know more concerning Logan County onsite sewage disposal system regulations, contact the LCDPH Division of Environmental Health at 217-735-2317.

Information Source:  IDPH, EPA



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