Nursing Services

Nursing Services 

The Logan County Department of Public Health offers a variety of clinic services for people of all ages.


Blood pressure screening

Education is provided at the time of visit. You may bring in your home blood pressure kits to check against the Health Department's unit to assure accuracy.

Immunizations for adults, children and most travel shots

Infant shots, school shots and adult shots are provided. This includes flu shots for adults and children as well as intranasal flu vaccine for children.

TB skin tests and TB assessments

TB assessments are done through the age of 18 years unless the individual is high risk or the test (needle stick) is required by the employer or physician. 

               Available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 

Foreign travel consultations

Provide us with your destination and date of departure and we will contact the State Health Department for a detailed itinerary of immunizations required, Embassy location, and areas of crime.

Head lice checks

Nurses will check heads for lice and residual nits (eggs).


Testosterone and B12 are brought in for nurses to inject. A doctor's order is required.

Oral medication set-up

Medications are brought in with plastic medication weekly set-up trays and set-up for up to a 2 week period. A doctor's order is required.

Insulin syringe pre-fill

With a doctor's order, insulin syringes can be pre-filled for a two week period.

Topical fluoride varnish for children

Children ages 6 months through two years are eligible for this fluoride treatment to prevent cavities. After two years the child is followed by a dentist.

Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) including Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis C

Counseling, education, and testing (blood and urine) is done.  

Lab services

A finger stick blood sample can test for hemoglobin levels (anemia) and blood sugar levels. Lead levels in children are checked with a finger stick blood sample. Urine samples check for pregnancy. 

Chronic Health 

  • Screening and monitoring of high blood pressure, anemia, and diabetes 

  • Health supervision and counseling 

Communicable Disease

  •  Follow-up to prevent spread of contagious or sexually transmitted diseases

  • Confidential HIV/AIDS testing, Hepatitis C testing and counseling

  • Flu, pneumonia, and foreign travel immunizations  

  • Tuberculosis services including: chest x-rays, medication, TB skin tests, and physician referral.

  • Hepatitis B vaccination 


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