Sewage Control Program

The Logan County Department of Public Health (LCDPH) through an Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Local Health Protection Grant provides citizens of Logan County with a comprehensive sewage permitting and inspection program to help assure safe disposal of on-site sewage waste.  The LCDPH jurisdiction covers building structures, such as dwellings and businesses, which are not considered accessible to or within approximately 300 feet from a public sewer connection.  Building structures which are served by public sewers are regulated by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

 Local Private On-Site Sewage Regulations 

The LCDPH regulates the permitting and installation of private on-site wastewater systems through the Logan County Sewage Ordinance which has adopted by reference the Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code

 Annual Contractor Registration

 Per Section I of the Logan County Sewage Ordinance, all sewage installation and pumping contractors must register with the LCDPH Division of Environmental Health annually.  Sewage installation permits will not be granted to contractors who have not registered.  There is no fee for registering.  The process includes completing the Application for Logan County Private Sewage Disposal System Installation Contractor/Pumping Contractor Registration Certificate form.  Upon completion, the form is to be submitted to the LCDPH along with a copy of the contractor's current license.  Please refer to the Logan County Sewage Ordinance located on this website for detailed requirements.

 Private Sewage Disposal System Plan Review Applications

 It is unlawful for anyone in Logan County to install a private sewage disposal system without permit issuance by the LCDPH.  To apply for a sewage installation permit, you must first complete and submit to the LCDPH a Sewage Permit ApplicationThe fee to apply for a sewage permit is $200.00.  Only Illinois licensed sewage installation contractors or property owners installing their own systems are eligible to apply.  Please refer to the Logan County Sewage Ordinance and Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code for full requirements.

 Complaint Reporting

 If you have a complaint pertaining to a private on-site septic system which poses a public health hazard, you can contact the LCDPH Division of Environmental Health for assistance.  If you reside in an area served by a public sewer and have a sewage issue to report, you can contact your local municipality or public sewage service provider.