Nursing Services

Chronic Health

 Case management

 Home visits (call for the latest income requirements)

 Screening and monitoring of high blood pressure, anemia, and diabetes

 Health supervision and counseling

 Vision and hearing screening

Communicable Disease

 Follow-up to prevent spread of contagious or sexually transmitted diseases

 Anonymous HIV/AIDS testing and counseling

 Flu, pneumonia, and foreign travel immunizations

 Tuberculosis services including: Chest x-rays, medication, TB skin tests, and physician referral.

 Hepatitis B vaccination

Health Education

 Blood-borne pathogen in-service

 Diabetes and cholesterol education

 AIDS education

 Cancer prevention education

 Prenatal and infant care classes

 Health Fair

 P.A.R.T.Y. (Positive Actions Relating To Youth)

 Dental education

 Smokeless tobacco education


 Puberty films

 Head lice prevention programs

 Huff & Puff (Asthma education)