Environmental Health Services

Environmental Health Services is divided into five sections: food, water, sewage, Public Health Nuisance Complaint Service, and the Tanning Facility Program

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Food Program

Sewage Program

Water Program

 Conducts private well water sampling and evaluation

 Provides consultation for new well construction and old well renovation

 Assists in disinfecting contaminated wells

 Inspects all new water wells

 Inspects the sealing of abandoned wells

    Click here for instructions on obtaining a well permit

    Click here here for Water Sealing Approval information

Website Links

Drinking Water Systems Code
Illinois Water Well Construction Code
Drilled Wells
The Illinois Water Well and Pump Installation
Surface Source Water Treatment Code
Abandoned Wells
Bored Wells
Water Wells

Public Health Nuisance Complaint Service

 Inspects and advises eradication procedures for insects and rodent problems in the county

 Inspects and advises clean-up procedures for garbage and refuse in the county

 Inspects and advises clean-up of demolition procedures for housing problems in the county

Tanning Facility Program

 Inspections, consultations, and training

Environmental Health Forms

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Illinois Department of Public Health

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