Diabetes Prevention and Control Program


What can you do to prevent Diabetes?

  • Know your risk factors:

    -family history



    -over 45 years old

    -history of gestational diabetes or having delivered a baby weighing over 9 lbs

  •  Maintain a healthy diet and weight.

  •  Get moving.  Be physically active every day.

  •  Get tested for diabetes!

What can you do to control your own Diabetes?

  • Take control!! Itís up to you and only you  to control your diabetes.

  • Maintain a health weight and a healthy diet.

  • Know your blood glucose levels and check regularly.

  • Get an A1C blood test 3 times a year.

  •  Quit smoking.

  •  Get an annual flu shot, eye exam, and cholesterol check.

  •  Foot exam at each doctor visit.  Check your own feet daily.

What does this program offer the person with Diabetes?

  • Education in risk factors

  • Free diabetes literature

  • Free blood pressure monitoring

  • Diet and nutrition education

  • Resources to quit smoking

  • Free glucose meters (when available)

  • Flu and pneumonia shots

Schedule of Activities

  • Nutrition Education with Dr. Freesmeier meets the first Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m.

Activities are FREE and are held at the Public Health Department


For more information call the Logan County Department of Public Health at (217) 735-2317.